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Tailored solutions to meet each of your needs.

Expert advice from A to Z

Benefit from the expertise of our insight managers at every stage of your market study: from study design to the production of a comprehensive, turnkey report, including advanced statistical analysis.
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Multi-source sampling

A complete solution to meet your opinion collection needs worldwide: through our proprietary social sampling method for niche, affinity, or geolocated targets, via our network of partner panels, or through your own customer database.
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poll&roll platform

Intuitive, agile, and AI-enhanced, our platform allows you to conduct your studies independently, simply and quickly, by automating time-consuming steps from creation to result analysis.
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What makes us unique

Expert advice at every stage

Our team, composed of experienced consultants from leading research institutes, will guide you to address your most complex issues.
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Technology serving human productivity

Technology is at the heart of our approach. Far from replacing humans, our poll&roll platform enhances the productivity of our teams, allowing us to provide you with more comprehensive advice and service.
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The power of automation

By automating time-consuming tasks, we offer you a production speed superior to traditional institutes, even for complex multi-country studies.
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For every challenge, a study

Measure the receptivity and attractiveness of your new product or service before its launch to ensure the success of your go-to-market strategy. Test the packaging, claims, range optimization, pricing, and more by surveying your potential audience and adjusting your positioning and segmentation strategies accordingly.
Discover Concept Testing study
Explore in-depth the behaviors, perceptions, and motivations of consumers regarding your product or service, to identify market trends and your best growth opportunities.
Discover the Usage & Attitude Study
Measure your customers' satisfaction. Identify the overall level of appreciation for a product or service and their expectations to capitalize on your strengths and promptly address areas for improvement.
Discover the Satisfaction Study
Map the profile and origin of your customers as well as the factors influencing the foot traffic in your physical stores. Adapt your location and expansion strategies and optimize your local marketing to improve your overall performance.
Discover the catchment area study
Measure your brand's image and awareness. Track the evolution of your brand in response to your marketing and communication actions, identify changes to react instantly, and ensure the longevity of your brand.
Découvrir l’étude Image & Notoriété
Measure the perception and opinion of a target group to inform your communications with reliable and impactful results. Obtain high-quality content with strong press release potential.
Discover the Opinion study
Validate consumer perception of your advertisement before its release and measure its effectiveness after its release among the exposed audience, whether through traditional channels (TV, radio, OOH, etc.) or digital channels (influencers, social media, display, etc.).
Discover the pre-advertising test
Discover the post-advertising test
Discover the post-influence test

Like Them, Choose Discurv

“Thanks to Discurv's targeting capacity, we were able to gather insights that were difficult to access from our non-customers as part of a barometer. We recommend using Discurv's expertise to get quick insights for strategic decision-making.”
Rachel Bouvier
Chief Marketing & Digital Officer
“We carried out a post-test with Discurv as part of the NRJ Music Arwards in order to measure the impact of a digital campaign for one of our partner brands. Thanks to their targeting technology, we were able to gather the opinion of people who were really exposed to the content and thus decide on the effectiveness of this operation by analyzing the memory rate. We appreciated the expertise and the availability of the teams. We will be sure to re-interview Discurv about our upcoming projects.”
Sophie Tournois
Market Research Director
“We called on Discurv on behalf of one of our customers, in order to set up a Brand Tracker for a BtoB target, in several countries. At the end of these waves of investigation, we were able to measure the effect of the communication campaign (rebranding), both in terms of its memorization and the impact on its brand capital (reputation, consideration, image). Thanks to the entire Discurv team for their professionalism, responsiveness, efficiency and the quality of the data obtained on this project.”
Sébastien Lhote
Business Planning Team Leader
“The innovative Discurv study technology allowed us to interview users of freefloating (self-service bicycles and scooters) in a restricted geographical area in order to better understand their uses and attitudes and to measure our image & reputation in the face of the various actors. The insights collected allowed us to deepen our knowledge of these targets and helped us to adjust our offer and communication strategy.”
Guillaume Aubin
Customer Voice Project Manager
“Thanks to Discurv, we were able to quickly interview the specific target of consumers from 3 countries in order to understand their consumption habits and adjust our strategy. The key insights gathered during this study contributed to the prioritization and development of our projects. Thanks to them for their ability to listen, their expertise and support during this innovative project for us.”
Shirley Herbaut
Head of studies
“We use Discurv for post-test influence studies. This approach is very relevant since we can directly interview the followers of influencers and thus measure the performance of the content posted in terms of memorization, brand attribution, and purchase intent. Thanks to the team for their responsiveness and agility in these projects.”
Barbara Vite
Head of Research & Insights
“We are very satisfied with our collaboration with Discurv, especially following several post-test influence studies on social networks. Thanks to the agility of their technology, we were able to interview influencer followers following a campaign in order to measure its impacts.”
Claire Lasselin
Director of Studies
“Thanks to its innovative, relevant and pragmatic approach, Madeinvote allowed us to better understand uses and to target the expectations of (future) users. We were able to very quickly validate our intuitions and guide the deployment of our platform between individuals dedicated to second-hand products in full awareness and trust.”
Philippe Vettesse
Development Project Manager
“Convinced by the Discurv study solution, we were able to interview a large number of respondents (5 countries) when it came to buying bathroom accessories to be attached. This concept test allowed our design teams to adjust their product lines, while respecting the local specificities of each country.”
Carole Boudeau
Marketing Research Officer

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